Tuesday, March 15, 2011

White Coffee any one?

On a tour to Dillano’s, we were introduced to White coffee beans. After hearing all these different stories on darkest roast to lightest roast, I was really surprised to run across this. White coffee beans aren't exactly white – they are more towards the color of peanuts – and the liquid they produce is said to be stronger but, because the beans are just barely roasted, the flavor is nuttier, and they contain even more caffeine. The more coffee is roasted, the more caffeine is burned out.

During our tour we got to see the type of machine that was used to grind these special beans and we were advised not to use a household grinder because they can break it; since they are harder like the average raw bean.

Working at Mountain Mist I’ve learned the darker the roast the weaker the caffeine is and the lighter the roast the stronger the caffeine is. I know its mind boggling. :)

Rosselyn - CSR