Wednesday, December 29, 2010

During the Holidays...

By Myrna
Accounts Receivable Rep

As a Mtn Mist employee, I appreciate all that the company does not just for its people, but for the community around the Holidays.  The company helps with Toys-for-Tots every year, done giving trees and has delivered food baskets. The company gives us a large turkey every year for Thanksgiving, as appreciation for its employees. This year we received a ham for Christmas. Very much unexpected with the economy the way it is, but very much appreciated. We do a gift exchange and have a Potluck to celebrate the Holidays as a large family.

I look forward to the coming year and see the growth of the people and the company. Mtn Mist is a family oriented company that cares about its surroundings and the people that it serves as well as the people that work for it.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Which is better? Tap water or Natural spring water?

(By: Jeff Briggs – Mountain Mist Driver )

This one seems easy for me! Let's see…
Having lived in Vancouver, WA. and been on public water source water in my home (which reeked of chlorine stronger than the Bally’s hot tub) and at the time delivered water for a company who filtered that same water and sold it at $7 per 5 gallon bottle, I'm happy to say that I deliver actual "natural spring water" now that I work for Mountain Mist.

Just do a little research into the company and it will show you all you need to know to realize that not all water is the same!

For example:

I drove across country to Nashville, TN the summer before last helping my mother move to be with the grand babies my brother and his wife have. Along the way I bought only water that was labeled "spring" water, which has to be from a natural spring with nothing added to have that type of label. The delicious water we deliver was only closely matched by a company bottling out of Colorado. The farther east we went, the more prevalent Iron and Sulpher became until (around Illinois). I switched to drinking “Rock Stars” because the water tasted so horrible to me being that I was so used to the perfect taste that only the Pacific Northwest can provide. Don’t be fooled Many companies across the country got "grandfathered in" and kept springs in the company name, but have to label their water as "purified water" or "drinking water."


There’s only filtered natural water in our bottles, unless you prefer distilled water in which case it came to us from the same natural spring and was steam distilled to absolute purity. (H2O) - the delicious natural minerals the artesian picked up along over 10 miles of filtration through western Washington’s sand and gravel.

The company slogan is: "Taste the Difference!"

If you suspect you've been buying bottled tap water and want to see if water does have a flavor,
call 1-800-232-7332 and sign up for a "One-month FREE TRIAL," which consists of the use of a cooler/water dispenser & (2) 5-gallon bottles at no charge.  I bet you'll not only see a difference in the quality and taste of the water, but also will be thoroughly impressed by the service you receive from our professional Customer Service & Delivery Teams!

Did I mention the fact that when you call Customer Service, the friendly representatives you'll speak with are working in Spanaway, WA? You don’t need to wait 3 days for your message to get from Louisiana to L.A. to your driver! An extra bonus in and of itself!

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